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I’ve never considered myself as a skirt person, but it’s really something isn’t it? A casual, comfortable way to dress up a little without being too embellished. I fell in love with this grandma-meets-school girl skirt from Zara. It’s cute, has pockets, goes with literally everything. Especially these nineties sandals who I wont take off until September.


Wearing: Weekday top, Zara skirt, necklace from Pieces, bracelet from Lola’s Love & shoes from DNA. Photo cred: Andris S. Visdal

Back in town



After spending four days in the Norwegian Jungle (well, not jungle-jungle, but I seriously killed a fish with my bare hands and eat it afterwords), it feels good to be back in Oslo. Ever since my very bestie moved to Copenhagen I’ve had a slightly feeling of sadness towards Oslo and Norway. I mean, your home is where your friends are, right? I guess I was heartbroken in a way, and blamed it all on everything else. Especially Oslo, who where both gray and cold for a few weeks. But a couple of days of fresh air gave me time to miss the dirty smell from the city center. And now the sun is shining, friends are coming home from their holidays and I have plans containing parking, wining and dining (and probably some dancing) this weekend. Suddenly this is home after all. At least for now.


Photocred: Andris S. Visdal

About the big news I told you about last week – it wont drop until August.
Wearing: Monki pants, Cubus Sweater, HM shoes and hat from Days Like This by Vivikes.




So, this was yesterdays outfit. Now I’m about to pack my back pack and go for a cabin weekend with my love and his family. We’re talking comfy clothes, red wine, fishing trips, mountains and lots of snuggle for four days. Sounds good, right? Other wonderful things: I have such big news for you. We at Anti are just making sure that every little detail are at place before the news drops. But next week, sweethearts. I seriously can’t wait to get this of my chest. It’s wired not to be able to talk about things like this to anyone, not even my closest friends. But first, a super short holiday.

Until then,


Wearing: Second hand pants, DNA shoes, Monki Top and StillWithYou necklace. Photo cred: Andris S Visdal



Fra en tid til annen blir jeg omfavnet av en trang til å gå med farger. I små doser, så klart, og alltid til noe sort og enkelt. I helgen fant jeg denne skjønnheten på salg hos Acne (de har 40% atm) og den er verken oppmerksomhetsyk eller vanskelig å style. Fargetrangen er trolig en naturlig konsekvens av at jeg farget håret sort i forrige uke – full sleeve, nesering og sort hår, toppet med et helsort anntrekk kan fort gjøre hele uttrykket akkurat litt for harry og (sitat fra kollega) emo. Jeg liker det, jeg. Nå kan jeg i det minste krølle håret og gå med ballerinas uten å bli forvekslet med en personlighetsløs pike. Kanskje vennene mine har rett – Antimetaliteten har hatt muligens hatt større innflytelse på meg enn jeg tør å innrømme. Uansett, sort er best (ingen protest).


From time to time I get this sudden urge to wear colors. In small doses, of course, and always with something black and simple. This weekend I found this beauty on sale at Acne (who has 40% of atm) and it is neither in need of attention or difficult to style. This color urge is probably a result of my newly dyed black hair. A full sleeve, nose ring and black hair, topped with an all black outfit can quickly become a bit too tacky and (quote from a colleague) emo. I do like it, tho. At least I can finally curl my hair and wear ballerinas without being mistaken for a girly girl. Maybe my friends are right – The Anti mentality has possibly had a greater influence on me than I dare to admit. 


A young fool


So, I’m back from the most wonderful bachelorette party ever. Thirteen of my best friends gathered in a romantic cabin on a small island right outside of Kristiansand, in Southern Norway. We ate a dangerous amount of food and buns, drank (a lot) of beer and talked about the old days. We danced (like maniacs) to Chandelier, ran in the woods and laughed non stop the whole weekend. I can’t believe that some of us are getting married, time passes by so damn quick. Well, we’re getting older, but everyone are still as childish and free spirited as before. It was lovely to be young and stupid for a few days. I guess the wedding will be just as fun and foolishly perfect. Pictures from the weekend are of course coming up. Today I’m back at the office, working on a project I seriously can’t wait to tell the world. But more about that later.


Dress H&M | Shoes Topshop
Photocred: Andris S. Visdal


throwback thursday




Bare legs, mustard dress and a long, black coat. Dressed up with a hat and down with a pair of converse. And wips! – a casual, yet cute every day outfit.


Coat Weekday

Beach babe


So, the summer is just around the corner and as always I don’t have anything to wear. I’m more a layering kind a girl, spring and fall are therefor my two favorite seasons when it comes to dressing. But right before my vacation in Ibiza, I stubbled upon these pretty pants at Bikbok. They are seriously too soft and comfortable, and can even be used as a jumpsuit. I’m in love.



Saturday morning bliss

Morning strollMorning strollMorning strollMorning strollMorning strollMorning strollMorning strollMorning strollMorning strollMorning strollMorning strollMorning stroll

When I woke up today I decided then and there to take the morning off from the bachelor assignment. It just felt so right to spend the first hours of the day with Vilde and Malin in the park, with a lovely cup of cappuccino from Java – which is still the pretties coffee shop ever. I mean – the green tiles – omg. Now: Back to work. I can finally see the end, it’s right in front of my nose tip. I can seriously smell it. Three days left. Puh! Send good thoughts and make sure you enjoy the weekend (and your freedom). Hugs & kisses


Wearing second hand jeans | Monki Trench | & Other Stories boots | Cheap Monday sunglasses



Office Outfit


When at work.


Coat Monki | Boots Loake, Lille Vinkel Sko | Turtleneck H&M | Totebag Anti Denim