Saturday’s Good News

A New Type of ImprintA New Type of Imprint

Saturday. First hours spent in bed, second hour spent drinking coffee and eating eggs for breakfast with my hubby. Fourth hour spent cleaning the apartment + an failed attempt to rearrange our furniture. Right now I’m eating cereal for lunch, while Daniel are sleeping in the sofa (with his book perfectly laying on his chest). Snores. I just got an exciting email from one of our distributors in the UK, with a wonderful list of stockiest for A New Type of Imprint, which is now available in many stores in both London and Edinburgh. Oh, the joy! If you’d rather order it online, it’s done in a few clicks here.  Now I’ll get dressed and ready for dinner and drinks with friends. More precisely: To celebrate a pregnant couple! Wow! Life is exciting. Weird, unpredictable, sure, but wonderful.

I hope you’re having a good one!

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