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This year I’ve said «oh, well, I’m a little stressed out» a few more times than I’d like to. It seems like everyone is admiring stress these days — to be stressed can only mean one thing: You have so much on your agenda, what an interesting life you must have! Understand this: A little stress can’t hurt nobody (said in the tone of Beyonce), but really — stressful days ain’t romantic at all. I mean: A new pimple every morning, heart pumping way faster than it should (even when you’re asleep), the lack of concentration (having too much to do, often leaves us doing nothing), shivers and anxiety. Does this sound familiar? Do you ever find yourself checking your emails underneath the table when you’re out on dinners? Or when you’re watching a movie you’ve wanted to see for quite some time? Well, then you’re at the same place as I was a few months ago. I could simply not stop working, or think about work or even talk about my job. My friends found it pretty annoying and my lack of sleep left me no other choice than to de-stress, step by step.

1. I started to wake up half an hour earlier. Spent ten more minutes on make up, while drinking the first cup of coffee. Then I actually strolled my way to work when listening to the morning radio (this sure took some practice—I usually run from A to B). Forcing yourself to walk slower is quite effective.
2. When I get to work I make myself a healthy breakfast and an creamy, delightful cappuccino and I read. At least for fifteen minutes. I read magazines, without analyzing it. I read some news (even though it’s super boring) or I even read a few pages in a book.
3. Back to the part of having to much on the agenda: I started to break the lists into one day at a time. So, after reading and eating and the delightful cappuccino, I write the list for that particular day. My own to-do-list, and a few sentences to the rest of the editorial. When they arrive, we go through it together. This way I know things will be done.
4. I realized I had to do something completely not-work, so I decided to start working out again. At least three times a week (which means 1 or 2 times on a regular basis and up to 5 times if I’m lucky). First of all: When the blood starts pumping, it unleashes hurtful tensions in the muscles. Second: A little sweat never hurt no body (Beyonce, once again).
5. I forced myself to talk about anything else than work when being social. It don’t work that way, of course, but I try. And if they’re asking—who can blame me?
6. A few days a week I have what I like to call quality time with friends or my hubby, and I started to turn of every notification on the phone and left it in the hallway. That actually works.
7. I started reading again, an hour every night and I now sleep like a baby.
8. But most importantly I thought to my self: Do I want to be the person who brag about a stressful life and talk about my job all the time, with dark circles under my eyes — or do I want to be healthy, happy and present?

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4 Thoughts on “De-stress

  1. I recognised myself in so many things you pointed out: it’s actually quite scary. I hope that this holiday time I will manage to relax a bit, stay away from work outside working times and enjoy a healthier lifestyle! x

  2. emilie on 28. desember 2014 at 19:50 said:

    takk for tipsene!! virkelig fine ting å huske på :)

  3. This is a super well written article about what I would like to do and already do. Thank you. Sometimes I think we should think a bit more as our grandmothers. Not that you are grandmother-ish, but I mean: our grandmothers know this things already, by heart. Thank you!

  4. Urda on 7. februar 2015 at 03:06 said:

    Preach, sister! (Beyonce. Igjen)

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