Preparing for Christmas

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I’m obsessed by Christmas. Actually I’m obsessed by December in general—preparing for Christmas is just as wonderful as the holiday it self. I have a few traditions/must haves to get into the slow and romantic christmas mood. The list is as follows:

1. She & Him | A very she & him Christmas. Zooey Dechanel is my ultimate girl crush and when I discovered her cute, little band I fell in love once again. Zooey on vocals and Matthew Stephen M. Ward on guitar, together they really plays Christmas into every part of my body. Gad, she’s something.

2. Roasted almonds. I’m really not a cake, cookie or gingerbread person, but I love roasted almonds. I would prefer making them myself, but I don’t mind buying them from a street corner. Oslo has a few small carts around the city during December.

3. Late, long and tasteful breakfasts every Sunday. She & him plays in the background, of course. I go all the way: Home made bread, boiled egg, bacon, tea, christmas coffee, candles. Dressed in robes and messy hairs, we shall trade newspapers and

4. Christmas Movies. I’ll watch them all: The Polar Express, The Holiday, Nightmare before Christmas, Home Alone, Love Actually and so on.

5. Christmas dinners with friends, family and colleagues.

6. Markets. Strolling around, eating roasted almonds, drinking coffee, buying cute stuff as presents (or a treat to my self).

7. Driving home for Christmas. It takes almost 7 hours by bus, but I wouldn’t trade it for a 25 minute flight. I feel like a child again during the trips—passing tall mountains, snow and houses decorated with lights. It’s nothing like it really, it’s literally a winter wonderland.

With all that covered, I would most likely be in the perfect christmas mood; ready to eat, sleep and read books for a whole week. Oh yes, it is for sure my favorite holiday.

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2 Thoughts on “Preparing for Christmas

  1. Oh I loved this post! Christmas is my favorite holiday too! :-)

  2. fint! A very she & him christmas er den eneste juleplaten jeg liker. Er noe med vokalene deres altså, og ristet mandler, yum. Jeg er enig i alt du skriver , og vil ha det sånn asap. Helst søndag hver dag med julemusikk og avslappet kos!

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