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So, guys, the day is finally here – I’m super thrilled to finally get to share this amazing news with you! Ever since I got hired as an intern at Anti I’ve had this (almost) impossible ambition to create the perfect magazine concept for the company. It took several months and never ending nights of research – but when I first pitched the whole thing for my boss, he was instantly on board! Therefor, this spring I got hired as Editor in Chief in Anti’s brand new lifestyle magazine – A New Type of Imprint! 

A New Type of Imprint  is a print publication aiming to provide insight into the Norwegian creative community. The magazine will tell the stories of the creative minds that have left their mark on Norwegian cultural history – and those that are about to change it. We are launching in a limited edition this fall, but you can already preordered it online. It will also be available in select stores in cities around the world, including New York, Oslo, Paris, Tokyo and Jakarta.

«Mike and her concept of A New Type of Imprint gave us the opportunity to venture into the world of magazine publishing. We admire great creatives and this gives us the chance to share what inspires us», says CEO of ANTI Kenneth Pedersen.

Right now I can’t really think straight – it feels wonderful to be able to share this madness with friends, family and everybody else. I can’t wait until we launch. I hope you will join me on this super exciting and thrilling journey – and of course pre order the magazine!


Out of the rural Norwegian cultural traditions, a new breed of urban culture is being born. A fascinating transformation as a result of what happens when merging proud traditions with modern Nordic living and thinking. A New Type of Imprint celebrates this transformation and of course the Norwegian creative community. Our goal is to go beyond and get to know the minds behind this change of scene – and take you on a journey through Norwegian traditions and new trends, from career milestones to industry challenges.


Until then,

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9 Thoughts on “A New Type of Imprint

  1. This sounds like a fantastic project and as a graphic designer I love the idea of it! x

  2. Gratulerer så mye, gleder meg til å lese første utgave! :)

  3. Sounds inspiring! Du e RÅ!

  4. erica on 21. august 2014 at 09:55 said:

    Gratulerer! Jag blir otroligt imponerad över dig; din kreativitet, integritet, stolthet och förmågan att förmedla positiv energi. Glädjer mig till första numret!

  5. shit, så kult. gratulerer!

  6. SkriveLeif on 17. september 2014 at 13:11 said:

    Ref. til deg selv: «– Dette er ikkje lenger ein leik, dette er ikkje ein blogg som tillèt skrivefeil eller ei studieretning som gjer meg slakk på tidsfristar. Det er skremmande, ukjend og som å pusta gjennom eit bittelite sugerøyr.»

    Og så starter innlegget med «So, guys, the day are finally here…» ARE ?!

    Hilsen mr korrektur.

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