Vacay Recap


After spending eight hours inside while all my social media apps was filled with beautiful freckles, sunny weather and friends bathing all over the world, it was finally my turn. I started my two weeks vacation this friday at Vareberg, Sweden. We celebrated Julie & Johan’s wedding, which was close to perfect (the only downside was that I forgot to put on sunscreen and had a shock red nose for night). On monday me and Daniel flew to Sogndal, my hometown. It is his first time here and I love showing him around and tell stories from my younger days. The weather is amazing, Sogndal has never been this warm. Ever! We’re sunbathing, swimming in the fjords, eating seafood, drinking wine and I’m finally getting my tan on. Thursday we’re going to Kristiansand to celebrate Silje & Christinas wedding and to get drunk and in love together with all my closest friends. Life is good.


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One Thought on “Vacay Recap

  1. ina on 24. juli 2014 at 19:58 said:

    Hvor tok du piercing i nesa?

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