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Travelers are often clueless of what to explore when they visit new cities. Where are the parties, what food should I eat and which neighborhood do locals normally go to? This fact was the beginning of Citinerary in Amsterdam around 2012. They realized: Social context is important, travel guides are outdated. It was a perfect time to change a city experience. They decided to organize meet & greets amongst travelers and locals, but also to provide inspiring content through city correspondents about city life and culture. Local citizens are the ones that know what’s happening now and how a city evolves.

Citinerary is a cultural service that maps cities and where «we welcome you to explore city life through its local citizens.»


They provide a online Journal of local stories and gives travelers a chance to meet citizens over a cup of coffee, a stroll through the park or a bike ride down town. The visitors will be learning about how the locals live, what they appreciate in life, how they move through a city and the places they prefer going to. An exchange of culture & lifestyle.

Wonderful, right? And this May they reached out to Oslo as well, with six enthusiastic citizens (seen above). So if you’re coming to Oslo or planning on going to Amsterdam, Bucharest or Rotterdam – check this sight out – what an authentic and great way to explore a city and make friends at the same time.


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