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After spending four days in the Norwegian Jungle (well, not jungle-jungle, but I seriously killed a fish with my bare hands and eat it afterwords), it feels good to be back in Oslo. Ever since my very bestie moved to Copenhagen I’ve had a slightly feeling of sadness towards Oslo and Norway. I mean, your home is where your friends are, right? I guess I was heartbroken in a way, and blamed it all on everything else. Especially Oslo, who where both gray and cold for a few weeks. But a couple of days of fresh air gave me time to miss the dirty smell from the city center. And now the sun is shining, friends are coming home from their holidays and I have plans containing parking, wining and dining (and probably some dancing) this weekend. Suddenly this is home after all. At least for now.


Photocred: Andris S. Visdal

About the big news I told you about last week – it wont drop until August.
Wearing: Monki pants, Cubus Sweater, HM shoes and hat from Days Like This by Vivikes.


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2 Thoughts on “Back in town

  1. Og du ser så fin ut!

  2. Så deilig å komme seg litt ut fra byen. Skal til Oslo selv neste uke, og til sammenligning med London blir det nesten som å komme ut på landet, heh.

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