grown up


After living on a student budget, in small rooms with too many (but so so nice) roommates for nine years, I’m really getting used to the idea of actually looking for a permanent place to live. A small loft apartment, just big enough for me, my shoes and all the rubbish I’ve collected over the years. You might think it’s about time. It is. Honestly, I’ve been afraid of everything long-term, committing and the feeling of being tied to something. But all of a sudden it’s all I want. At least for a couple of years. I’m not talking about settling down, just a small step in the direction called «growing up.» I have three months to find a new apartment, and I’m already spending too much time on Pinterest, looking for inspiring ways to decorate. Other joyful thoughts: Tomorrow I’m off to Copenhagen and tonight I’m drinking wine with my fellow students at Westerdals. We are celebrating the end. Gosh, we’re growing up.


Blazer Zara | Jeans Never Denim


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