Vacay Recap


After spending eight hours inside while all my social media apps was filled with beautiful freckles, sunny weather and friends bathing all over the world, it was finally my turn. I started my two weeks vacation this friday at Vareberg, Sweden. We celebrated Julie & Johan’s wedding, which was close to perfect (the only downside was that I forgot to put on sunscreen and had a shock red nose for night). On monday me and Daniel flew to Sogndal, my hometown. It is his first time here and I love showing him around and tell stories from my younger days. The weather is amazing, Sogndal has never been this warm. Ever! We’re sunbathing, swimming in the fjords, eating seafood, drinking wine and I’m finally getting my tan on. Thursday we’re going to Kristiansand to celebrate Silje & Christinas wedding and to get drunk and in love together with all my closest friends. Life is good.




I’ve never considered myself as a skirt person, but it’s really something isn’t it? A casual, comfortable way to dress up a little without being too embellished. I fell in love with this grandma-meets-school girl skirt from Zara. It’s cute, has pockets, goes with literally everything. Especially these nineties sandals who I wont take off until September.


Wearing: Weekday top, Zara skirt, necklace from Pieces, bracelet from Lola’s Love & shoes from DNA. Photo cred: Andris S. Visdal

A city made by people

S'il vous plaitUntitled

Travelers are often clueless of what to explore when they visit new cities. Where are the parties, what food should I eat and which neighborhood do locals normally go to? This fact was the beginning of Citinerary in Amsterdam around 2012. They realized: Social context is important, travel guides are outdated. It was a perfect time to change a city experience. They decided to organize meet & greets amongst travelers and locals, but also to provide inspiring content through city correspondents about city life and culture. Local citizens are the ones that know what’s happening now and how a city evolves.

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Weekend summery

Weekend summeryWeekend summery

After working inside for five sunny days, it felt wonderful to finally feel the sun on my skin. I’ve been sunbathing none stop since saturday morning, I actually think I can spot a few freckles. My baby has been out of town, which gave me a full weekend of ladies. I reunited with Maja, who had thousand of good stories from her tree weeks vacation in the States. We’ve been drinking, talking, laughing, eating and strolling around in Oslo, and last night we watched the World Cup Finals at a pub with a few repairing beers.

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Instant stories


When times are hectic it’s easier to catch me over Instagram. I love how tiny squares can tell a short story – A wonderful saturday morning on my roof top balcony, romantic surroundings at my boyfriends childhood home, the stairwell in my building and gorgeous arcitechture in the Old Town of Ibiza. Green leaves with tiny raindrops, monday mornings essentials and Porter magazine, a new dress from Zara and basil, coriander and onion tomato soup for two. Magazine research at work, the very beautiful Fransk Bazar at Grünerløkka, my new home office and soon to be eaten homegrown tomato.


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Back in town



After spending four days in the Norwegian Jungle (well, not jungle-jungle, but I seriously killed a fish with my bare hands and eat it afterwords), it feels good to be back in Oslo. Ever since my very bestie moved to Copenhagen I’ve had a slightly feeling of sadness towards Oslo and Norway. I mean, your home is where your friends are, right? I guess I was heartbroken in a way, and blamed it all on everything else. Especially Oslo, who where both gray and cold for a few weeks. But a couple of days of fresh air gave me time to miss the dirty smell from the city center. And now the sun is shining, friends are coming home from their holidays and I have plans containing parking, wining and dining (and probably some dancing) this weekend. Suddenly this is home after all. At least for now.


Photocred: Andris S. Visdal

About the big news I told you about last week – it wont drop until August.
Wearing: Monki pants, Cubus Sweater, HM shoes and hat from Days Like This by Vivikes.




There is no doubt about it – GaranceDoré is my favorite blogger, if not my idol and favorite person in the world. Right now I have two reasons: A week ago she wrote this article about everyones urge to smoke pot these days. Her way of speaking through words, everything seems so honest, yet perfectly ironic. And yesterday, I read one of her latest articles: Are you «healthy» obsessed? She makes me laugh - cause, I mean, the world are seriously going totally insane right now. What happened to the fact that life is so much more than health? Unfortunately (I guess) I had seven yes on the list, which makes me too obsessed. The irony makes if funny of course, but seriously guys – shouldn’t we slow down for a minute? Grab a cake, skip yoga and read the whole article – I’m sure you’ll recognize yourself in at least of the sentences:


You have a “healthy food” section on Pinterest, even though you never cook.

You’ve tried to meditate at least once in your life and you’ve told everyone about it.

You’ve quit dairy, gluten, or meat. Or all three at once. You don’t know what to eat anymore, but you feel “so much better!!!

The other day, you brought your kale chips in to the movie theater.

You’ve ordered a sandwich “without the bread, please.”




So, this was yesterdays outfit. Now I’m about to pack my back pack and go for a cabin weekend with my love and his family. We’re talking comfy clothes, red wine, fishing trips, mountains and lots of snuggle for four days. Sounds good, right? Other wonderful things: I have such big news for you. We at Anti are just making sure that every little detail are at place before the news drops. But next week, sweethearts. I seriously can’t wait to get this of my chest. It’s wired not to be able to talk about things like this to anyone, not even my closest friends. But first, a super short holiday.

Until then,


Wearing: Second hand pants, DNA shoes, Monki Top and StillWithYou necklace. Photo cred: Andris S Visdal

Fransk Bazar & kjærleik

Fransk BazarFransk Bazar

Nina reiste mye til Paris for å besøke kjæresten Dider. Mens han var på jobb skulle hun lese pensumbøker, men huset i Oslo fikk stadig nye bruktfunn fra hele Frankrike. Hun dro stadig hjem med overvekt på flyet og etterhvert ble det fult i hjemmet. I steden for å avslutte jakten, bestemte de seg for å finne enda mer, og resultatet: Den nyåpnet skjønnheten Fransk Bazar på Grünerløkka, Oslo.

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Give a litle..


Jeg husker på ungdomsskolen, da vi skulle bli kurset i jobbsøkning. Hva er det mest negative med deg selv? Vi ble rådet til å skrive noe som egentlig var positivt – jeg tar ofte litt for mye ansvar, er perfeksjonist etc. Jeg sa alltid det da noen spurte, men jeg har aldri sett på meg selv som en perferksjonist. Jeg jobber effektivt og når noe er bra, er det bra nok. Det handler om å ikke pirke for lenge dersom man i utgangspunktet er fornøyd, og levere arbeidet før bismaken kommer. For et arbeid vil alltid kunne justeres bittelitt til. 

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